Adults’ group instrument lessons

Enjoy learning cello or violin, flute clarinet or saxophone, guitar or piano - with an expert teacher in a small group of up to three adults.

Summer term 2024:
£175 for piano or guitar / £165 for flute, cello, clarinet, saxophone or violin
Off-peak pricing: £140 where marked below *
Venue: The Stables at Charlton House (SE7 8RE) except where noted
25% discount for those with a simultaneous enrolment at GMS (whether for their child or for themselves on a different instrument). Contact us to book with this discount.

More about the course

Try something new or build on your existing skills, in a small group of up to three adults.

Each course is led by an expert teacher who will provide activities and material to help you progress and to explore the instrument.

In this informal and positive setting, you will be supported to develop your technique on the instrument. We'll also grow confidence and musical understanding together - perhaps to identify new goals with your instrument, or to learn more about what the instrument is capable of.

  • Learn in a group of up to three students
  • Positive, creative atmosphere
  • Led by an expert performer on your instrument, from our outstanding team of teachers.

An instrument will be required, so that you can practise at home between lessons. Instruments are available to hire or purchase from a wide range of organisations - if you'd like some recommendations please contact us. 

Book your place now. 

CHORDS: guitar lessons 🎸

The guitar's ability to create both rhythm and melody, and its versatility across all genres of music, from flamenco to funk rock, have made it one of the most beloved and popular instruments in the world.

KEYS: piano lessons 🎹

The piano allows a single player to create both melody and harmony - perfect for playing solo, but also great in a group setting. The piano has enormous range of expression, and is comfortable in all kinds of styles from classical to pop, blues and rock. It's one of most popular instruments in the world and a rich history of music written for piano means you'll never get bored!

NOTES: flute, saxophone or clarinet lessons 🎷

The flute is an enchanting solo instrument, equally vital in ensembles and in the orchestra. It's comfortable in many different styles, from classical and baroque to folk tunes, jazz and contemporary art music.

The saxophone is at home with jazz and blues, classical music, or rock and pop. It can sound dreamy,  powerful or jokey. And it's happy leading a group, blending with others or playing solo.

The clarinet's unique sound, which ranges from warm and expressive to bright and crisp, has made it a favourite of composers and performers alike. Its versatility has also made it a staple in a wide range of musical genres, including classical, folk and jazz.

STRINGS: violin or cello lessons 🎻

The deep and resonant sound of the cello, reminiscent of the human voice, makes it one of the most emotive instruments. Its versatility has made it a staple of orchestras and chamber ensembles, as well as a favourite of solo performers.

The violin can convey a wide range of emotions, from joy to sorrow and everything in between - it's a versatile cornerstone of classical music and is featured in a huge range of music. Its delicate yet powerful sound captivates audiences.

Courses this term

CHORDS - guitar groups 🎸

Tuesday 7:00pm
Tuesday 7:50pm
Friday 2:15pm *off-peak pricing
Friday 7:00pm
Friday 7:50pm
Sundays 6:05pm at Vanbrugh Studio (SE10 9HP) *off-peak pricing

KEYS - piano groups 🎹

Tuesday 2:00pm. *off-peak pricing
Wednesday 6:15pm at Vanbrugh Studio (SE10 9HP)
Saturday 1:00pm at Vanbrugh Studio (SE10 9HP)
Saturday 2:15pm at Vanbrugh Studio (SE10 9HP)
Saturday 2:40pm
Beginners /continuers
Saturday 2:45pm at Vanbrugh Studio (SE10 9HP)

NOTES - flute, clarinet or saxophone groups 🎷

Wednesday 7:00pm at Vanbrugh Studio (SE10 9HP)
Flute, beginners
Thursday 3:15pm *off-peak pricing
Saxophone or clarinet, beginners
Thursday 6:30pm
Saxophone, beginners
Thursday 7:20pm
Saxophone, continuers
Saturday 3:45pm
Flute, beginners / continuers
Saturday 4:15pm *off-peak pricing
Flute, beginners

STRINGS - violin or cello groups 🎻

Monday 7:00pm
Violin, continuers
Monday 7:00pm
Cello, continuers
Monday 7:30pm *off-peak pricing
Cello, beginners
Monday 7:45pm *off-peak pricing
Violin, beginners
Saturday 3:00pm
Violin, beginners
Sunday 2:30pm
Violin, continuers
Sunday 3:15pm
Violin, beginners