Online learning guide

How to join

⦁ You will need to install the (free) app.  

⦁ Please do this well before your lesson time, from:  

⦁ Open the Zoom app > Join a Meeting > type in the Personal Meeting ID (eg 123-456-7890).

⦁ For "Your Name" please type your child's name so we can see who is attending.

⦁ Please join 10 minutes before the class begins, so that we can say hello and complete the register.

⦁ Once you are in the waiting room, your teacher will add you to the room at your lesson time.

⦁ You may need to select “join with Computer Audio”, “join with Device Audio” or “join with Internet Audio” or similar, if there’s a choice.  

⦁ If you have any questions please contact us

Additional info and tips

⦁ Please set Zoom to use "Original Sound” - this improves the sound a lot for the teacher, and allows them to hear your playing/singing much more clearly.

For laptops: Go to Settings (cog icon) > Audio > Advanced > make sure the first option is checked (Show in-meeting option to "Enable Original Sound" from microphone)

For tablets/phones: Go to Settings > Meeting > Use Original Sound

For lessons you will need:


⦁ A device such as a laptop, tablet or smartphone - a laptop allows the teacher to hear you most clearly, and the larger the screen the easier it will be to see anything the teacher does. But phones work fine too!

You can use a Wireless Projection/Mirror Sharing/ChromeCast to share the screen of the phone/tablet on the TV. Make sure both devices are connected to the same WiFi network.

⦁ Some way to position your device so that you can be seen playing/singing, and so that you can see the teacher. You might be able to put it on a table and lean it against something, or for more control buy a tabletop or floor-standing tripod - these are available at Amazon etc from around £8 to £25+

• Please make sure both you and your instrument (eg piano keys) can be seen.


⦁ Power supply - video call drains battery quickly so please plug into power if possible.

⦁ Headphones (£6+) or external speakers (£30+) may help as they should improve audio quality a lot.  

Internet connection speed

There are a few things you can check if your video freezes.

  • Move your device nearer the router
  • Restart your device
  • Restart your router
  • Close any other apps / windows on your device
  • Check if others are using the same wifi/network

Getting the most out of online lessons

⦁ Children may need some extra help and support to begin with as they adapt to video lessons. Please be ready to support them to stay focused to begin with, and help with practical challenges such as writing notes on their music, positioning the camera, or finding the correct page in their music book.  

⦁ Our tutors are absolutely committed to supporting the ongoing musical education of our students and we are working together to innovative and engaging ways to adapt lessons to video, and to use our new skills to further enhance the learning of our students through online resources.  

⦁ Your feedback will be most welcome as we work to continue providing high quality musical education for all our students, enabling students to continue learning and developing throughout this time.  

⦁ After your lesson please complete our very short feedback form: Thank you!  

Things you need!

For ages 0-3:
Music Makers, Family Music, Musical Beginnings, Songs & Sounds

⦁ You don’t need anything for this class other than lots of energy and fun and a bit of space to move - be ready to wiggle, dance, sing and play together at home! Other things you might like to have nearby:

⦁ A teddy or soft toy - to dance a long and sing with

⦁ Something to shake - a rattle, shaker, a securely sealed food pot with some rice or lentils in, or just shake and wiggle yourself!

⦁ Something to tap - wooden spoons, play blocks, or be ready to clap your hands and tap your knees.

⦁ A scarf, cloth, pillow case or even a cushion to hide behind for peek-a-boo. Or hide behind your hands.

For ages 4-6:
Fourtissimo!, Musicianship

• You don’t need any special instruments or equipment. Classes may include some instrument-making, using household items such as a cereal box or empty jar - we can adapt and plan to work with whatever you have available!

For Violin Starters, Piano Starters, Start Ukulele!, Discover Music
and for individual tuition (one to one lessons)  

• You will need access to the instrument you want to learn - for example a keyboard or a violin. You will need access both during the lesson and during the week, to practise. We can recommend different places to buy or hire from, including our partner Normans Musical Instruments where you can get up to 14% off through us.

Safeguarding Guidance

Students under 18

At Greenwich Music School, we are committed to the safeguarding of children. Please help us to ensure our video lessons are safe and effective by following our guidelines:

⦁ A parent or carer must be present during video lessons for all children under the age of 18.

⦁ Please talk to your child about the importance of safe online communication – being aware of “stranger danger”, never sharing personal information such as names, location or contact details online, and always telling an adult if they see something online that distresses or upsets them.  

All students (under 18 and adults)

⦁ Lessons should happen in a suitable family space, with simple backgrounds and no personal items that might be inappropriate in view.

⦁ Students should wear suitable clothes, just as if they are attending their lesson in person.

⦁ All lessons will be recorded for safeguarding reasons. Recordings will be securely stored and will only be viewed in the event of a safeguarding incident.  

⦁ If you have any concerns relating to online safety and safeguarding, please contact GMS’s designated safeguarding lead, Bethan Scolding, on

Risk Assessment at Mycenae House