Ivor Flint



Ivor’s teaching philosophy focuses on nurturing each student as an independent and informed musician. He places a strong emphasis on musical literacy and theory, providing a solid foundation for all students. As the student progresses, Ivor guides them in exploring the beauty of music’s historical context, adding depth to performances.

While exams can serve as helpful benchmarks for some, Ivor’s lessons are shaped to the students' unique goals and needs. Progress is a gradual journey, with technical and musical complexity increasing over time.

As a classical musician, Ivor’s teaching approach begins with rhythm and builds up to intervals, building strong links with playing and understanding musical literacy. He incorporates Kodály techniques, making rhythm and pitch accessible through engaging games and exercises suitable for all ages, and aims to crate a fun, friendly learning environment. Equally vital is his focus on establishing efficient principles of alignment and posture while promoting freedom of movement in performing.

With over 25 years of teaching experience, Ivor has worked with students of all ages, from early childhood to post-graduates and professionals in piano, classical singing, and composition. His exceptional teaching journey includes roles in primary schools, leadership positions in universities, he worked as a senior music examiner, travelling worldwide, and teaches on a distance learning music teacher training course for the International School of Musicians. He consistently achieves outstanding results with the majority of his students.